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At the Center of All Things

glass ball etched with leaves, resting on a pine branch

From the center of Reality, the whole circumference of life is seen to be completely harmonious, for when the center is found, it becomes clear that the enumerable radii all converge from the circumference towards a single point. ~ Maharishi Maresh Yogi

I’m learning to see my life as if I was standing in the center where all things are one. If this moment was the center of the circle, my shoulders would be relaxed, my hair would be strong and healthy and I would sleep restfully all night.

Imagining myself at the center of oneness helps me slow down and breathe into my shoulder muscles, relaxing them. It helps me slow down and allow solutions to emerge: What would help my sleep improve?

I tried an electrolyte solution for two days and ended up waking up more often in the night. So now let’s try something else. My hands are dry, but my lips are not, so maybe this isn’t dehydration as much as it is working with dusty things. I tried a new shampoo yesterday and my hair volume increased and my hair seems more elastic.

By imagining myself at the center of oneness where everything is in balance and all things are possible, I begin to see what health actually looks like. And I begin to realize that this is my natural state. I begin to see the difference between fixing a disease and restoring a natural state of health. It’s like the difference between fear and love.

I don’t know how to get to the center of the circle, but I figure that wondering and imagining is a pretty good start. Oh look! The clouds are turning pink! The sun is rising.

By calling the center of the circle to mind, by remembering to think about it and wonder, I remember to breathe into my shoulders and relax them. That can’t but help. Even if I am able to just relax them a little bit.

This is also related to “focus on the positive.” If I focus on how tight my shoulders are, I get anxious and tense up even more. I start to despair that I’ll ever get the knots out. But if I imagine that this moment is at the center of all things, that in this moment all things are in balance, then I begin to relax. I have the experience of relaxing my shoulders. I start to understand what that feels like. And, even if I tense up again in the next moment, I can take a breath and begin again. I’ve experienced what it feels like to relax my shoulders and I repeat the experience, maybe even letting go a little more this time.

Oh look! My neck muscles just softened a bit. I can turn my head easier. There’s another breath. And another. Wow! Now my spine is able to stretch and release. The tightness slips away more easily. Now I can breathe easier.

And I’m slowing down… I don’t feel so anxious. Health, peace, oneness—this is our natural state. This is what our minds and bodies and spirits are trying to get back to. This is what our true selves yearn for… if we slow down enough to listen.

Oh look! My shoulders move easier and I didn’t have to press on the trigger points or massage them deeply. There’s definitely more to do. The muscles are still hard to the touch, but internally it feels different. It’s like my body is remembering how to be, rather than my forcing it into submission by pressing or rubbing those muscles. I’m relaxing from the inside out.

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