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"Listen. Connect. Build. TOGETHER" over a night scene with a red heart-shaped sky lantern

Resources for Neighborhoods

Learning Together. Building Community.

To build a positive future, we need new thinking.
Our problems are both global and local.
We need holistic, collective solutions…
and we need to find these solutions together.

Build Consensus  |  Local Action


Albert Einstein

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Learn Skills

Consultation is a truth-seeking process that allows a group to look at an issue from all sides and build consensus around a course of action.

Since each of us individually can only see a limited view, we need each other to get a full picture of an issue so we can make wise decisions together.


Start a Conversation

To address the challenges facing us, we need real, honest discussions at all levels. Here are some resources for starting conversations in your local neighborhood:

  • How do we rethink wealth at the local level?

  • How do we work together to steward our future?

Get Inspired

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