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Collaboration Through Consultation


Better Relationships.
Stronger Teams.
Resilient Communities.

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An essential tool for today’s complex problems

Our communities are facing multiple, intertwined challenges. No one person can solve them alone. We need tools that help us work together effectively.


Diverse Viewpoints

Look at a problem from all sides.



Get to the heart of the matter.


Collective Will

Chart a wise course of action.

Consultation is great for:

  • Executive teams

  • Work teams

  • Boards of directors

  • Managerial groups

  • Business organizations

  • Families

  • International institutions

  • Governing bodies

  • Community organizations

  • Schools

  • Neighborhoods

What a great resource for all kinds of decision making whether it be a small group, a neighborhood gathering, city, national or international leaders working to solve problems. And what a great resource for family consultation. I find that the 5 steps leading to finding the truth in solving a problem is most beneficial and enables everyone to feel part of the process.

Nancy Brown

It’s a bold vision, a way of collaboration through respecting and honoring each member in a group, and seeing them as one. Realizing our inherent similarities, our mutual nature. The nature of love and belonging is at our core, we all share this. This book illustrates beautifully the principles and strategies for how to come together and make real change while honoring all the people involved. Whether it’s a big organization, or a family, these can apply to any group. There is brilliance in simplicity. And the author weaves in her own stories and experiences to show just how effective this consultation process is. I read it in one sitting, and feel changed.

Clare E. Bean

About the Author

Sara DeHoff is a writer, learning artist and author/owner of Drawing on 30 years of working in groups of various kinds, Sara writes about community building, working together and developing a learning mindset. She earned an M.Ed. from Harvard and has lived, worked and studied in China, Japan, Taiwan and the Czech Republic. An unwavering believer in the human spirit, Sara is always seeking ways to bring people together.


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