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How do we bring differing viewpoints together? How do we truly harness our collective wisdom?

Consultation is a powerful tool for building consensus and taking collective action. It’s a self-correcting decision making process that can be used by families, teams, organizations and communities.

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Consultation is a form of collective decision making that gathers diverse viewpoints in order to chart a wise course of action. It allows a group to look at a problem from all sides and build consensus on the best solution for all involved.


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Share the concepts of consultation with your team in a clear, concise manner:

  • Full-color slides

  • Full-color handout

  • Minimalist handout that prints great in black & white

  • One-page summary for a quick reminder during team meetings


Start a Conversation

To address the challenges facing us, we need real, honest discussions at all levels. Here are some resources for starting conversations in your local neighborhood:

  • How do we rethink wealth at the local level?

  • How do we work together to steward our future?

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