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Circle Time

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Photo by Ryan Wallace on Unsplash

Mrs. Weeratunga is a gifted teacher; she has truly found her calling. She owns Sunshine Montessori and was my daughter’s preschool teacher. Talk about radiance of spirit! She just has this gentle glow about her all the time. She is the most patient person I’ve ever met. She doesn’t put up with nonsense, but if you are striving toward something, she has all the time in the world for you.

She sees each of her little ones—more than 50 children between the ages of three and five—as unique human beings and treats them with dignity and respect. She understands their need, their drive, for mastery and serves that need with every fiber of her being. And the children love her.

When we went to visit the school to see if it was a good place for our daughter, we got there just as Circle Time started, first thing in the morning. All the children were gathered in one room. They were indeed seated in a circle on the floor, but being preschoolers, they were squirreling around, talking and laughing. The teachers were busy calming them down and reminding them to be quiet. Then Mrs. Weeratunga walked into the room. She observed what was happening, calmly walked around the outside of the circle and sat down in her spot. In a voice no louder than a conversation with a friend, she said, “We’re going to play the Quiet Game. Let’s see how quiet you can be.”

Within 3 heartbeats, you could’ve heard a pin drop in that room.

These children knew Mrs. Weeratunga loved them, heard them and respected them. They would do anything she asked. You should have seen how hard they worked to put on the Christmas program and the Spring program every year for their parents. It’s so beautiful to see what patience and service and love and respect can create.

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