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Letting Go of My Opinion

Family launching a sky lantern at sunset
Photo by Gianandrea Villa on Unsplash

I was recently in a group that was dealing with a complex issue. This time I really experienced offering a view and letting it go. It quickly became clear that this view was only a piece of the puzzle. And because I didn’t hang onto it, I could see its limitations as the discussion continued.

Letting go is not just about not insisting on my view, but it also means not feeling bad when the flaws of that view are pointed out.

We human beings are limited creatures. I can’t see the whole picture by myself. And part of the piece that I do see is… well… flawed. My vision, my view are often distorted by my own experience.

I can be heavy-handed in my approach, sometimes. Given my history, that’s probably not surprising. By voicing my view and letting it go, I can see more clearly how my old experiences skew my thinking. And it gives me a chance to rethink how I approach things, to lighten up, to polish up my own mirror so the light shines more brightly.

By letting go of my view, not only is the group free to take what’s useful and leave the rest, I can see that view more objectively myself and I don’t have the added burden of guilt —”Oh! I did it wrong!” Instead, I just have an opportunity to do it better next time.

Who knew ‘letting go’ could be so freeing!

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