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How do we rethink and rebuild?

large boulder, illumined in a field
Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

We’ve banded together to defeat a common global threat—a microscopic virus that doesn’t discriminate by race, age, religion or nationality. Now, can we also come together to rethink and rebuild, to chart a path forward?

When we emerge from our homes after the coronavirus, we will face a different world. Our economy will perhaps never the be the same. But maybe that’s a good thing. It’s like humanity is on a bus, racing along at top speed; our economy has been booming. But we were heading straight for a cliff. The coronavirus is like a huge boulder that suddenly dropped in our path, causing us to swerve severely. Yes, the bus has tipped and careened wildly and some passengers were thrown from the vehicle. But that boulder may have saved us from the cliff—environmental disaster.

Rethink and Rebuild for a New Future

So when we emerge, how will we emerge? How will our perspective be different? Do we attempt to go back to business as usual? Or do we take this opportunity to change our trajectory? How do we rethink and rebuild?

What if we created an economy where everyone has food, healthcare and housing? What would it take to create a world where everyone is able to make their unique contribution?

We will have a lot of people out of work. What if we mobilize this workforce to put solar cells on every rooftop? What if we install vehicle charging stations in every town—large and small—across the country?

How do we rethink our supply chains and manufacturing? How do we rethink our communication strategies to match this tightly inter-connected world in which we live? What can we do to build more resilient communities?

When we emerge, how will our world be different? How will we be different? How will our thinking be different?

If you were starting over, how would you reinvent the economy? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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