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Learning Together

children playing in water
Photo by Abigail Keenan on Unsplash

We’ve just finished a series on consultation and how it can be a powerful tool for learning together and building community. Now we’ll be focusing on learning itself. We’ll be exploring learning from all angles—individual learning, learning in groups, learning in the family, learning as a human race.

We live in urgent times. Humanity is at a turning point. We have the ability to change our trajectory from one of conflict and environmental catastrophe to one of collaboration and sustainability. But we must learn. We must learn quickly and we must learn together.

Humanity is endowed with an insatiable desire to learn and discover. We need to tap into this capacity more than ever as we face the challenges ahead of us. This capacity to learn is one of our greatest gifts.

There are two players here—the individual and the group, whether it’s a family, a team, a group of colleagues or society at large. We, as individuals, have skills and capacities that we develop and contribute to the whole. And the group (family, team, society) has a different set of skills and capacities to develop. Both are essential in this rapid learning process that humanity must undergo to avoid the worst of the disasters facing us.

So over the next months, we’ll be exploring the theme of learning together… How do we learn about one another? How do we learn from those who are different from ourselves? How do we begin to make connections? Where do we find the courage to reach out? How do we make openings in our own circles and welcome others in? How do we learn what we have in common? How do we learn to become friends? Please join us on this journey and add your insights as well. We’d love to hear what you are learning.

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