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beautiful sunset: "What color is the sky today?"

What we focus on expands. So let’s focus on a positive future for all of us humans. Share your ideas, ask questions, explore insights. Use #ProsperousPlanet and join the global conversation.

Notice what’s already there.

There are so many amazing treasures in this world that are free and accessible to everyone. We just don’t see them anymore. For instance—the sky. It’s ours. It belongs to each and every one of us. And we must take care of it.

So join in the conversation:

  1. Go outside.

  2. Look up.

  3. Take a picture of the sky.

  4. Share it on your favorite social media with #ProsperousPlanet.

More ways to share

  1. Find other treasures to notice. Tell a friend what you discover.

  2. What are your ideas for creating a prosperous global society? Share them using #ProsperousPlanet.

  3. Sign up for our newsletter and get inspired. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Photo by Emily DeHoff

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