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Humanity’s New Horizon

sunrise on water
Photo by Ngaere Woodford-Bender on Unsplash

Every day the headlines bring fresh news of a world in turmoil—conflict, confusion, catastrophe everywhere. Where does one turn for hope?

What we are experiencing, really, is the birth pangs of a new era. We are on the threshold of a whole new stage of human history. Never before have we been able to see the entire planet at once, let alone travel its expanses effortlessly or communicate with each other so fluidly. Never before has humanity been able to see itself as a whole.

By necessity, our old structures and systems are failing. They were designed for an earlier age, when localized loyalties mattered most: the community, the region, the country. But in today’s world, where our problems are global in scope, we need a new framework, a broader perspective. We need to catch up to our reality and see the whole world as our community.

We are just at the beginning of this process. We have so much to learn. We’ve never created a global civilization before. There are no experts among us.

The good new is that we are working at it. Millions of people around the globe are putting their best efforts into finding answers. People in neighborhoods, on farms, in businesses, out in the forests and on the seas, people in education, in research, and yes, even in government.

Ordinary people, like you and me, are daily seeking solutions. People from all countries, from all backgrounds, from all walks of life. They are searching, seeking, coming up with ideas for solutions, testing them, reflecting on the results and refining the process. People everywhere are learning to collaborate with unlikely allies and discovering surprising benefits and insights.

This is how it begins. This is how we build a vibrant, prosperous, dynamic global community—we connect with each other and we learn from each other.

The stakes are high and time is short. We need to learn quickly and learn together to avoid the more catastrophic pitfalls before us. All of this is within our grasp, if we are willing.

To assist with this process, I’ve built this website to provide tools, inspiration and insights. It’s a place to share what we are learning. So take a look around.

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